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  1. Masanori says:

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  2. I’m not easily impressed but you’ve done it with that posting.

  3. Information is power and now I’m a !@#$ing dictator.

  4. Las ONG no son el camino. No podemos sustituir solidaridad por justicia. Primero JUSTICIA: todos los paises, desde sus gobiernos, DEVOLVIENDO lo que sus antepasados se llevaron (de america, de africa, de asia). Luego, las ONG, para regalos y caprichos.

  5. Magnifique installation traversée hier en pleine tempête de neige! L’équipe de Tag Team Studio a-t-elle aussi réalisé cette installation de totems en bois qu’il y avait il y a quelques années au Jardin botanique?

  6. Hi Jim,Thanks for the clarification on Paramilitary/Military. I have zero military experience. Everything I know about the military I learned on your blog. What is SOCOM/JSOC? MOS/tabbed-up? uw/gw? These Acros come naturally to you, but I have to puzzle over what the letters stand for. And beyond my unfamiliarity with them, I can be incredibly dense. Word Verification: davessurDave

  7. Qi sedang sibuk sekarang dengan Jalan Jalan Pergi USA musim terbaru kat 8TV tu. camni lah, mintak diorang pengacara baru tu cari Mari Tunku Sabri. kesian dia, taulah dia dah pencen tapi ilmu dia banyak. jangan la kes dia turun naik mahkamah dulu buat orang tak nak jenguk dia. tanpa Maria dan kelahapannya takde la JJCM.

  8. blesstich glaub da nicht dran, dass auf schwarzen hochglanzgeräten der schmutz weniger sichtbar ist. ich hab andere erfahrungen gemacht und nun nur noch weiße und silberne geräte.aber dem punkt mit der kaufberatung stimm ich zu. wo bleiben die bissigen kolumnen?

  9. Haha, having worked with architects recently, I can only nod in agreement. Luckily there are urbanists like Jan Gehl who think people are more than pesky ants getting in the way of their concrete masterpiece :)As UX professionals, it’s a good reality check too. Outside of the web/digital field, user centered design still needs to be evangelised…

  10. Hola Óscar, lamentamos los problemas que tuviste con el avituallamiento y te agradecemos que nos informes de ello. Intenteremos averiguar qué ocurrió, ya que los colaboradores nos dieron fruta y bebidas suficientes para los 400 inscritos. Trabajaremos para que el año que viene todo salga mejor. ¡Contamos contigo!


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  1. […] real name is Ginger) and her crew, got more detail painted on side B of Cowbella, but sadly it was Wei Kang’s last day in NY. I was so happy to have worked next to him on this project and to have met someone […]

  2. […] added to the shapes on Cowbella…     I got to sneak a peak at an enormous painting that Wei Kang had done whilst he was in […]

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Wei Kang

Posted: July 1, 2009 
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One of the wonderful things about creating a cow for the Flushing CowParade has been meeting new artists. I have the honor of working right next to Wei Kang, an incredible artist from Shanghai. When we’re alone we communicate through hand gestures and drawings. He brings me new food to try and I reciprocate with coffees and cookies- but it just doesn’t compare. Yesterday, Wei brought me to tears when he gave me two of his books which he had signed for me and a drawing he did of me from memory. He also gave me a little hand carved bead. His work is so beautiful and is all painted with a tool he invented himself and has patented called the Rubber Pen. He had been painting on location and not had anywhere to clean his brushes. He attached rubber to the end of one of his brushes and the Rubber Pen was born. The photos posted here are just photographs from the books he gave me… you can see better examples of his work here. I am so grateful and humbled to know Wei Kang!



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