Wei Kang

Wei Kang

Posted: July 1, 2009 
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One of the wonderful things about creating a cow for the Flushing CowParade has been meeting new artists. I have the honor of working right next to Wei Kang, an incredible artist from Shanghai. When we’re alone we communicate through hand gestures and drawings. He brings me new food to try and I reciprocate with coffees and cookies- but it just doesn’t compare. Yesterday, Wei brought me to tears when he gave me two of his books which he had signed for me and a drawing he did of me from memory. He also gave me a little hand carved bead. His work is so beautiful and is all painted with a tool he invented himself and has patented called the Rubber Pen. He had been painting on location and not had anywhere to clean his brushes. He attached rubber to the end of one of his brushes and the Rubber Pen was born. The photos posted here are just photographs from the books he gave me… you can see better examples of his work here. I am so grateful and humbled to know Wei Kang!


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